A Very Charging Moose Christmas: The Astoria Sessions

by Charging Moose Media

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On December 16th and 17th, 2018 we gathered a group of gifted songwriters, singers, instrumentalists, two engineers and a camera man and crammed them into The Buddy Project, a small 14 by 14 (or so...sorry if I'm mis-estimating Kieran!) recording studio and recorded 4 brand new, original Christmas songs and a mashup that has its roots in something that my brother Sam (who also played on a couple tunes and wrote and sang "Winter Wamrth") and I arranged about 10 years ago for another Christmas project long past.

We've been doing these projects for a long time and to keep things interesting this year we decided to change things up.

The point being, instead of trying to produce a really polished, multi-layered radio ready final product, we thought it might be fun to actually get together as a group, share our songs with each other, just PLAY them as a band and then let you in on the fun with a lil video.

They'll be mistakes, obnoxious guitar amp hum and all kinds of other imperfections, but this ones special to me because it represents a bunch of my best friends in a room just simply making music (that we wrote) together.

Hope you enjoy!


Check out the session videos here:


released December 24, 2018

Produced by Charging Moose Media and Ann Thorne Bagalà

Vocals: Megan Bagalà (@megandornnyc) Sarah Crane (@saritacrane), Ned Donovan (@neddonovan), Matthew Lee (@nycmatthewlee)
Guitar/Synth/Bass: Marcus Thorne Bagalà (@moosetunes)
Piano/Vocals: Samuel Thorne Bagala
Guitar: Chris Brandes (@chroma_the_great)
Acoustic Guitar/Vocal: John Gardner (@commonjack)
Bass: Zach Sicherman (@almostzach)
Keys: Dave Klodowski (@daveklodowski)
Drums/Vocals: Aaron Drescher (@aarondrescher)

Mixed and Mastered by Marcus Bagalà
Session Producer/Engineer/Cable managment sexiness: Will Melones (@docsbasement)


all rights reserved


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