Ned Donovan, Megan Dorn, Andrew Mayer - How I Saved the Day

from The Hunted Encore - Season 2 Soundtrack by Charging Moose Media

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First of all, thank God for me.
I think we can all agree
I'm the reason we're okay.
We were taken by surprise,
forced to face our own demise
and that was when I saved the day.

I'll set the scene, don't let the envy turn you green.

See there's these five chicks, totally undead.
They're coming at us full speed ahead,
and with a Wham! Bam! Pow!
Megan's going down,
and Andrew's in the corner like AAAHHHH!

So I gotta think fast, I have to pull through
because these Vamp Tramps are clobbering those two,
and with a Slap! Pow! Punch!
I eat them for lunch.
Those Trampires go running like

[Pick Slide]

And thanks to my skill and my power and strength on the field.
I got your backs in attacks with the sword that I wield.
And sure they got a hit in,
but they split when
they knew they should not have come my way,
and that's how I saved the day.

Okay there's one thing Ned said that was true.
Yes, there were five vamps fighting with us two,
because our hero here
dropped his sword in fear

and got kicked square in the face!

So we've got our white knight passed out on the ground
and there's these --


No, stop.

--trying to take us down.
So we do our best
to get through this mess

and haul his ass out of this place.

With no help from you we had barely the strength to get free.
They got away but I'll say I'm surprised so did we.
And so when it's next time
we'll be just fine
if we don't have you getting in our way.
And that's how I saved the--

And also how I saved the--

How Andrew and I

saved the day.

We need a gameplan, not the same plan
that nearly ended with us dead,
and that's always thanks to Ned.

God, I'm exhausted, I have lost it
and I'm not even sure of why I stay.
When it's always me who,
guarantee you,
I'd like to see you save the day.


from The Hunted Encore - Season 2 Soundtrack, released November 12, 2017
Music and Lyrics by Preston Max Allen
Arrangement and Mixing by Will Melones
Performed by Ned Donovan, Megan Dorn, and Andrew Mayer


all rights reserved


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