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The Hunted Encore - Season 2 Soundtrack

by Charging Moose Media

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NED: First of all, thank God for me. I think we can all agree I'm the reason we're okay. We were taken by surprise, forced to face our own demise and that was when I saved the day. [spoken] I'll set the scene, don't let the envy turn you green. See there's these five chicks, totally undead. They're coming at us full speed ahead, and with a Wham! Bam! Pow! Megan's going down, and Andrew's in the corner like AAAHHHH! So I gotta think fast, I have to pull through because these Vamp Tramps are clobbering those two, and with a Slap! Pow! Punch! I eat them for lunch. Those Trampires go running like [Pick Slide] And thanks to my skill and my power and strength on the field. I got your backs in attacks with the sword that I wield. And sure they got a hit in, but they split when they knew they should not have come my way, and that's how I saved the day. MEGAN: Okay there's one thing Ned said that was true. Yes, there were five vamps fighting with us two, because our hero here dropped his sword in fear MEGAN/ANDREW: and got kicked square in the face! MEGAN: So we've got our white knight passed out on the ground and there's these -- NED: [spoken] Trampires! MEGAN: [spoken] No, stop. --trying to take us down. So we do our best to get through this mess MEGAN/ANDREW: and haul his ass out of this place. With no help from you we had barely the strength to get free. They got away but I'll say I'm surprised so did we. And so when it's next time we'll be just fine if we don't have you getting in our way. And that's how I saved the-- ANDREW: And also how I saved the-- MEGAN: How Andrew and I MEGAN/ANDREW: saved the day. MEGAN: We need a gameplan, not the same plan that nearly ended with us dead, and that's always thanks to Ned. God, I'm exhausted, I have lost it and I'm not even sure of why I stay. When it's always me who, guarantee you, I'd like to see you save the day.
I was a younger fella, no idea what was comin' then I auditioned for a TV show. If I had known what I know now I would've started runnin' but that was not the way it's mean to go. I got the news that somehow I had been the one who's chosen to lead the fight against vampire kind. And so I decimated all the foes we were opposin' But see my friends had something else in mind. One of the vampires, she bit me, while we were hooking up. And then I found out it fit me, what she was cooking up. 'Cause now I'm half man, half vamp, I can outfight and out run. They call me The Chosen One! So it's upsetting but it's not the end, it's the beginning of all the cooler things that I can do. With all my powers I had finally started nonstop winning but see the downside was that I was screwed. 'Cause somehow everywhere I turned, by vamps I was confronted but how or why was nothing I could say. See it turns out when you're half vamp then you become The Hunted and they can smell your ass from miles away. And only this garlic misleads them so better take these pills. Don't try to barf it. You'll need them if you don't want to get killed. Because you're half man, half vamp, as if you were my son. Son of The Chosen One! The Hunted: 101 Vamps can walk in the light of the sun. They don't sparkle 'cause that's super dumb. Stakes and crosses can all go ignored. Gotta cut off their heads with a sword. Now the fight against evil has spread. Slayers everywhere fighting undead. Portland, Tampa, they know what to do. Compton, Ithaca, that became you. And you're all screwed just like me. We're The Chosen Ones and that's our destiny.
JOHN: Welcome to our vlog it's super exciting. It's a one-on-one with both of us two. Welcome to our vlog, we're glad we're inviting you to see what we do. ADAM: Slayers through the years have made us seem evil, but we've got a side that they never knew. JOHN/ADAM: Tune into our vlog and you will believe we'll never try to harm you. We are clearing up some grave misconceptions but we do a bunch of awesome things too. If you want more then we gotta mention Pop onto our page, Subscribe, Rate, Review. Welcome to our vlog, Subscribe, Rate, Review. ADAM: Yo, we love our fans, we're really so grateful. You're the reason why we're getting our say. Thanks to all the humans not being hateful our subscriber count blows those Slayers away. JOHN: Humans need to know what Slayers keep hiding. Come and join the fight towards ending their wrath. We're a couple pros who aren't just biting JOHN/ADAM: Anyone in our path. We are proving wrong some unclear perceptions ADAM: While we taste test some types of blood too. JOHN/ADAM: Tell of your friends to show us attention. Tell all of your pals, Subscribe, Rate, Review. Welcome to our vlog, Subscribe, Rate, Review. JOHN: We speak for the vampires who are silent. We speak for the vampires who are suffering from neglect. (suffering from neglect) We're not just some basic vlog. (basic vlog) We're starting a dialogue JOHN/ADAM: We speak for the vampires who are asking for respect. ADAM: [spoken] And making lanyards! JOHN: Thanks for tuning in we're so glad to see you ADAM: Hope you had some fun on Tips for Physique. JOHN/ADAM: If you wanna know what we've got for next time Rate, Review, Subscribe we'll see you next week.
You're getting tired 'cause all your friends are destined to expire, 'cause you could be the best you've ever been. But You can see you're never going to win. You never will We bite to kill And this is real here We're prepared to let you take the wheel here We would be a force beyond control, see All you have to do is sell your soul. And you'll be free. Eternally. All the power you possess Amplified and effortless Nothing standing in your way Beating hearts are so passe. You should be side by side with the chicks who died to run the world, it starts tonight. You know your loser crew they can't keep up with you. You need us girls to win the fight. And it only takes one bite. So here's the lowdown There is not a chance we're gonna slow down. We've been snapping slayers like they're twigs, so You should grab the chance and take the gig. If you say no, you'll have to go. All across the USA We've shown slayers how to slay. No one's lived to prove us wrong So ditch the boys and come along. You should be side by side with the chicks who died to run the world, it starts tonight. You know your loser crew they can't keep up with you. You need us girls to win the fight. And it only takes one bite. Oh you know better than anyone That when all's said and done You're gonna lose. You're not strong enough for everyone Come on you've had your fun It's time to chose. You want it endless? Or you wanna die alone and friendless Watching as the world falls to the ground? Or wear a crown, and burn it down? You should be side by side with the chicks who died to run the world, it starts tonight. You want a victory? We're making history. Come join the girls, our future's bright. And it only takes one bite.
BOB: You've spent this time singing when you should be out there slaying. I'm not trying to scare you, but I need to prepare you For war. NED: I've never really trained this hard I guess My body's tough but inside I'm a mess My best friend's fighting on the other side I don't know what I'll do if we collide And now is the time, this I know, to know what I'm doing It's time to stand up and prepare. Prepare for war. MEGAN: The offer's on the table, join their team. Become the thing I've hunted, be their queen. 'Cause after all the slaying that I've done it feels like I'm still stuck here on square one. Now is the time, this I know, to make a decision. It's time to stand up and prepare. Prepare for-- JOHN: Let them try to run away in fear I will drain their blood and drink their tears I will make them watch their friends all die They can't escape my wrath, but they can try. Now is the time, this I know, to kill all the slayers And now is the time to stand up And prepare for war! ADAM: I'm still not sure what I'm doing here Now I'm evil, gee that's weird. All my hopes are now Ned's fears. MEGAN/NED: Swords are sharpened JOHN/ADAM: Taste their blood MEGAN/NED: Muscles hardened ADAM: I'm feeling like a stud. MEGAN/NED: Battle ready JOHN/ADAM: Battle's here. ALL: Draw your weapon make them fear! Now is the time, this I know, we know what we're doing It's time to stand up and prepare Prepare for-- Now is the time, this I know. We know what we're doing. It's time to stand up and prepare. Prepare for War!
I know you feel tired I know you feel down But rise from your coffin And figure it out. I know it ain't easy Losin' your human prey. But every morning Begins a new day. So rise up Sharpen your fangs! Rise up! A murder the pain. Rise up! I know you, I know you will.
And now I'm torn between two fates. Once a vampire slayer, now I'm vampire bait. Used to kill, now all I do is sit and wait. I'm torn between two fates.
I did my best here But you really put me to the test here After all I did to put you first you somehow managed only to get worse. That's hard to do So good for you Did you think I'd never see Where I'm really meant to be? Now I found the better way. You're the price I have to pay. I should be side by side with the chicks who died To run the world, they got it right. You never had the stuff and now I've had enough Come face the girls and lose the fight. And it only takes one bite.
MEGAN: I'm so freaking tired of playing this game Though the vampires are different it's always the same. You're all "I'm the most evil, I'll bite you, I'm scary, You sneer and you taunt and you try" But in the end, you're going to die. And I fight with my heart and I'm here for my team. And yes they're rough, but they don't suck as much as they seem. 'Cause no matter how much we fight or get testy Or swear or have meltdowns and cry, In the end you're going to die. SLAYERS: In the end we're gonna mess you up and take you down. In the end you're gonna say goodbye. In the end you're going to die. JOHN: I am so freaking ready to get this fight on. Get revenge for the time you killed John, John, and John ADAM: And John, and John. JOHN/ADAM: You're all "oh we're so righteous, we're heroes, well here goes It's time to now bleed you all dry. In the end you're going to die. VAMPIRES: In the end we're gonna turn those swords the other way. In the end we're blowing you sky-high In the end you're going to die. SLAYERS: In the end we're a crew and there's nothing you can do We are strong, we are quick, we are fly! There's no demon who can stop us And no team could ever top us. We've defeated every vamp tramp And vamp guy And in the end you're going to die! In the end you're going to--


Season 2 of the award-winning web series, The Hunted: Encore saw the return of your favorite vampire slayers and bloodsuckers, and introduced new characters to the series. The new season features original songs by Preston Max Allen, Marcus Thorne Bagala, and Megan Bagala, as well as an original score by Marcus Thorne Bagala and Steve Goldshein.


released November 12, 2017

Original Songs by Preston Max Allen, Marcus Thorne Bagala, Megan Bagala, and Ryan Gibeau.
Arrangements by Marcus Thorne Bagala and Will Melones
Original Score by Marcus Thorne Bagala and Steve Goldshein
Mastering by Steve "Solid Gold" Goldman at Four Legs Records


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